Code discipline – Rules for my codes.

I remember how many mistakes I made when I started to write programs and the times I was trying to be a programmer. That was a really tough time. Like every other programmer, we all suck in the beginning. Also we all learn, with practice and experience we write better code and understand difficult algorithms. I never stopped learning and becoming a better programmer. I still do so many stupid things. But from all those mistakes I learn something. Sometimes I know how it should be done but even then I don't use what I know, maybe because of laziness or because I just don't c...

What I learned from the book: The road to learn React

Sometimes I like to play around with programming books. This time I wanted to give the book "The road to learn React" a try. I can recommend this book to anyone who starts learning react. At the end of this book, you will create a clone of the Hackernews website. You can see and download my hackernews clone here. Please follow this post to see how to run this project. Feel free to create PR on Github. Demo: