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Hey all,

Recently I was looking for a simple WordPress theme for free, and I found some. But none of these themes fulfilled my needs.

With that experience, I decided to create my own theme. I created it for my Blog. As you can see now, If you are visiting my blog you can see it live.  If you also struggling to find a theme, You can give my theme a try. I named it Crafty. You can download it via Github.

The theme is simple and responsive. You can use SASS/SCSS to style it and more other options changeable from admin.

This is a very short post, Just wanted to share the theme with you. Thank you,


Download Crafty


New project – SpareTime Design

Recently I worked on this personal blog project for my client. This website includes a shop and a few other pages. I created the theme from scratch. Also a few plugins. If you are interested in graphic design, you can save this blog and read weekly. Also they provide free themes and vector graphics.

Live url

Tech Stack : WordPress, WooCommerce, Javascript , scss

Screenshot :


Quick update!

Assuming you already read my post about post image plugin. I’m writing this quick update to tell you that my plugin is now available to download from wordpress directly.

WordPress plugin url :

click here

Post about the plugin :

click here


Thank you for all your support!


Wp post images – Awesome custom image uploader for WordPress posts.

During my free time I had sometime to create another free wordpress plugin. This plugin allow you to upload images in your post without any limit. I’m still working on this plugin and there are lot more to improve to do. But I’ll get there. You can create a PR or request any change.

Version and development

Download : on github

How to start :

First download the plugin from github.Go to wordpress
admin->plugins->add new and
then upload the file.
>Activate plugin.

Go to your post and you can see image uploader from at right side of the post.

How to use

You can show images on frontend using shortcode.

In the post:

In php file:

"echo do_shortcode('');"

That’s it. Enjoy!

Feel free to create PR in github or write me a message if you have any question.


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